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Construction Machinery Weekly was launched in 2007 by Beijing Construction Machinery Weekly and Beijing Olga Advertisement Media Co.,Ltd.It is published on 20th every month, whose circulation stay ahead in the field of industry medium. It’s the most strategic and forward-looking magazine in the field of machinery industry of China with its authoritativeness.
Construction Machinery Weekly leads industry media trends with superior quality, and always adhering to the idea of "wisdom and far-reaching", paying close attention to the construction machinery industry trends and market direction under China's economic system reform with its comprehensive observation. Meanwhile, it tracks significant measures of the major companies and analyzing management model of the successful enterprises, aiming to promote the research and application of new products, new technologies, new processes and new thinking. The magzine also concerns foreign construction machinery industry about their major changes and the latest events. Besides, it obtains first-hand information through live interview of reporters, getting its reputation of exclusive nature and authoritativeness.
Construction Machinery Weekly has four major sections which are "NEWS", "IN DEPTH","TRENDS" and "OUTLOOK". Cover story, top interview, customer, the latest surveys, enterprise report, opinion, big events, Yamato-e are the magzine’s golden column well received by the readers from construction machinery industry, and obtains high degree of peer recognition of them. Industry giants such as SANY , LIUGONG, ZOOMLION, XCMG, SUNWARD, WEICHAI, SHANTUI, YUCHAI VOLVO.CE, CONTINENTAL are the magazine’s corporate partners. And it also maintains good communication and cooperation with the vast majority of well-known enterprises. Now it has already built China’s largest and most complete resource database host, customer database and industry resources repository in construction machinery industry.
As a famous magazine, Construction Machinery Weekly also runs a variety of media business like advertising, distribution, conference activities, marketing and public relations, brand packaging and so on concurrently, which make it a well-deserved strong media.

Construction Machinery Weekly
Founded in 2007, the magazine is co-created by EASTHOUGHT and Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province. The magazine is issued monthly and its circulation ranks top in the industry media. It's the authoritative journals with the most strategic depth and prospective influence periodical in Chinese construction machinery media industry.
Cmsino.com dedicates to provide a stage to construction machinery manufacturers, agents, leaser, second-hand dealers and customers for showing themselves. We pursue the principle of serving for customers and enterprises. By means of cutting-edge technology, huge industry database, keen observation and deep understanding to the industry, we offer help to customers and enterprises, and contribute our value. Construction Machinery China Network will be developed into the interactive network media with the most commercial value and influence.
Construction Machinery Mobile Paper
CM Mobile Paper is the first mobile media in the construction machinery industry, and also the mobile new media platform with the earliest starting and the most successful. With more than 4 years and nearly 1,000 issues under intensive cultivation, CM Mobile Paper is familiar with propagation rules and has formed unique editing style.
CM Mobile Paper issued every workday. The regular circulation is 35 thousand, covering construction machinery complete machine manufacturers, components and parts suppliers, medium and large-scale agents, service providers as well as medium-top personnel of systematic big customer.
With advantages of extremely high deliverability rates, very strong timeliness, super-high dependency by users, precise delivery and very easy forwarding, CM Mobile Paper has become the most new media platform in the industry.

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