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In recent years, China's economic situation as a whole downturn, China's construction machinery enterprises inevitably suffered a low run, but the proposed national policies and the gradual improvement of Chinese construction machinery enterprises industrial chain help to increase confidence to tide over the storm. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's construction machinery industry dominant position significantly, self-sufficiency rate of construction machinery products greatly enhanced; Internationalization has made substantial progress, and the quality of service has been greatly improved. Exports in 2015 to 10.34 billion US dollars in 2010 nearly 2 times; significantly enhance the technological innovation capability, more than 100 products by China's machinery industry and provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards; green manufacturing results; product advantages, China has become The world's engineering machinery product categories, product varieties of the most complete one of the countries. In the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, with the global economy and industrial operation to stabilize and become better, and China's economic, policy favorable landing, a variety of infrastructure construction and urbanization is still in the development stage. Energy-saving green products are the most market potential, such as urban life and waste disposal equipment; rather than road machinery emissions is a huge challenge, but also an opportunity. With the advent of the era of intelligent construction machinery, the next few years will become the key to the development of the industry transition time. As one of the advantages of the Chinese construction machinery industry in the the equipment manufacturing industry, it will achieve a higher quality of development. China will remain the world's largest construction machinery market position. Opportunities for future development of construction machinery industry and market potential are very huge.
About Forum
The China Green Vehicle Forum - Non Road Focus is one of the most influential international event in the green transportation industry which is also ONLY international forum focusing on the non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) energy conservation and emissions regulations in China. Based on the rich resources, 50+ vehicles manufacturers including Construction & Agriculture OEMs, Mining Equipment and Forklift, 30+ engine manufacturers, 120+ domestic and foreign enterprises as well as related government officials and domestic authority associations are invited to participate to explore and look to the future new Energy-Saving technologies under the "13th Five-Year Plan". By This forum you will be involved with around 200 delegates and we warmly welcome you to join our platform for making the grand success in this global feast.
Why Emission Control
The non-road diesel engines is the main part in the non-road engine market, which is used in agriculture machineries like tractors; engineering mechanism such as excavator, shovel loader and bulldozer; material handling mechanism like forklift; as well as multi-functional machineries such as electric generating set and water pump. Among the non-road emissions, the discharge of NOx and PM are the most serious, which account for 20% and 36% in total separately. Compared with on-road industry, NOx emissions are more than 60%, PM is about 1.5 times. Hence, emission from non-road machineries will pollute environment more seriously. Consequently, Non-road engine emission pollution can not be ignored.
Standard Status
According to the mandatory national standard - Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from diesel engines of non-road mobile machinery(CHINA 󣬢)(GB 20891- 2014), since October 1, 2015, the exhaust pollutant emissions of all manufactured and sold non-road mobile diesel engine must meet the requirements of Stage . As of April 1, 2016, all non-road mobile machinery of manufactured, imported and sold shall not be fitted with diesel engines that do not meet the requirements of Stage III. Which means that all non-road construction vehicles engine changed from the Stage II to Stage III, the engine emissions reduced and performance improved, the engine upgraded. At present, new egulations have already come into force, the OEMs have to not only comply with the national regulations but also take into account the efficiency and cost for production capacity, in the current marketing dilemma, how the OEMs deal with?
  Why Attend
30+ speakers to enlighten you all
30+ topics in two days
Heated panel discussions
180+ decision makers to engage with
70% non-road manufacturers
Catch the lastest developments in technology, products and regulations of Non-Road industry
Extended networking opportunities for potential strategic alignment
  Key Issues
The new shape of China's Non-Road industry
The policies and regulations for heavy-duty engine emission under the 12th Five-year Plan
Fuel Saving and Economy Efficiency
Sustainable Developing Strategy of Non-Road OEMs
Remanufacturing Technologies
See diesel engine technologies for Stage IIIB/Tier4 Final
Oil upgrading and progress
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